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Upcoming group exhibition at Florida School of the Arts: FloArts Student/Alumni Invitational     

     Opening:  March 7, 2024. 5:30pm

• Gathering Artists of Putnam (GAP) are taking on their latest venture bringing their art to the downtown           Palatka abandoned storefronts. Keep an eye out for developments!

GAP artists are currently showing at the galleries of the  Larimer Art Center, until March 15.

  I am currently showing my work at the Art Box 137 gallery at 137 King Street, downtowm St Augustine.

  I am also showing some work at the Bart Gallery 110 Aviles Street in downtown St Augustine.

My Story

I remember as a child visiting my family in France and being awestruck by the cuts of meat in the butcher shop, not to mention the absolute wonder of the pasteries at the bakery. I was experiencing an alternative reality that was so redolent of scents and visuals treats that it seems almost prordained that I would become an artist. And that was just the beginning. Many years later my path returned me to this land of wonders to study the great works of art, live in a different language and culture, and squeeze everything I could from the experience. Mission accomplished. I now live in the land of swamps, gators and mudders. Different but also very interesting. I invite you all to attempt to parse out the threads of these varied influences in my work. I guarantee a challenge. I hope you're up to it.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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